Implant and make operational the Great Lakes Rehabilitation center in Uganda and the great Lakes Region. Restore the diginty of people with movement disability in this subregion by: provision of affordable and adoptable mobilty devises (artificial limbs and braces) and thus anabling their reintergration into society, anabling their economic independance and anabling their contribution to national progress and economic development.
What is Physiotherapy?
Also known as Physical therapy, this is the mode of treatment that does not involve use of chemicals such as those found in tablets or injections. Instead physical and More
When should I see a Physiotherapist?
You will need to visit your Physiotherapist if you have any of the following common ailments: More
What is the benefit of Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy can be used for the following to enhance beauty (body building and weight loss) More
What should I expect?
Your Doctor, Physiotherapist will receive you, carryout a comprehensive assessment and proceed to treat you in the strictest confidence and More
Where can I find you?
GLRC is located at Lukuli Nanganda, Makindye Division, along Makindye-Konge road with a turn at Sekimpi Road. GLRC can also be accessed via Kansanga - Gaba Road More
What is expected of me?
Patiently explain yourself completely to the Physiotherapist present all necessary documents for your assessment such medical forms, More