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In collaboration with World Rehabilitation Fund, Rotary international, Rotary Jaipur Limb Project U.K, Rotary club of Kyambogo, Rotary club of Kampala North, Rotary club of Kabale, Rotary club of Lira, Rotary club of Arua, Rotary club of Bukoba, and BMVSS charity of India. 2200 Jaipur limbs have been made and 1650 repairs and replacements done. The amputees were sourced from Eastern, Western, Northern-eastern and Northern Uganda.
The Limbs included, below knee, above knee through knee and symes prostheses.
These limbs were found to be adoptable to the social economical conditions of rural Uganda.

5 year plan

  1. Make 600 new artificial limbs every year in the Great Lakes area
  2. Repair and replace 500 limbs every year in the Great Lakes area
  3. Make 600 braces every year.
  4. Open a center in Democratic Republic of Congo
  5. Open a center in the Republic of South Sudan.
  6. Run a rehabilitation/general clinic in Lukuli Nanganda a suburb of Kampala.
Over 120 children below the age of 15 have been fitted during this programme; children tend to be very active with their prostheses and will outgrow them in 6months to one year. They will therefore need frequent repairs and replacements.

Samuje Agnes is a 14 year old who had an amputation in 1997 after being shot by cattle rustlers, and had been unable to go to school because of disability. She got her first Limbo on 18th June 1999 and was able to walk within 3 days. She is now attending school regularly. Agnes Before and After Fitting
Young energetic transtibial amputees can be fitted and trained to walk within hours
Byaruhanga, a 28 year old male, who was amputated because of a landmine injury in 1998 got his first prosthesis on second august 1998. He was fitted, trained and able to walk well on the same day. Byaruhanga Before and After Fitting
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Plot 955 Makindye Division,
Lukuli Road Ssekimpi Lane,
Kampala Uganda
Service Areas
Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Adults, Children
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